Competence, experience and a pioneering spirit for a sustainable energy future

About us

We combine comprehensive competencies and diverse biographies joined by a shared conviction.

With an interdisciplinary team comprising 13employees with wide-ranging competencies and diverse perspectives, ENCO works passionately for our shared vision of sustainable energy and climate policies – at the local, national and global levels. We value long-term solutions and integrative strategic developments which involve all relevant players across any borders between sectors, hierarchical levels, regions or countries.

We firmly believe that close collaboration is key to successfully implementing sustainable energy and climate policies.

That’s why we also appreciate sustainable conduct within our own organisation, both when we are at work and beyond. Individual responsibility, flat hierarchies, a pioneering spirit and relevance to practice are at the core of everything we do. We’re on the ball andcontinuously stay up-to-date with the latest developments, trends, technological solutions and ground-breaking ideas.

Thanks to our commitment, personal conviction, years of experience and curiosity we are able to develop custom solutions that are not only pragmatic and feasible, but also respond appropriately to the challenges of our times.