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Ciudad Energética: Energiestadt in Latin America

The Ciudad Energética project, supported by the REPIC platform, was the first to trial the added value of the Energiestadt system in South America

The Energiestadt / European Energy Award (eea) concept, which has proven highly successful in Switzerland and other European countries, is also met with considerable interest on other continents. ENCO worked with various partners to introduce the Energiestadt system in Chile and trial the system in three pilot municipalities. This work was done as part of the Ciudad Energética project supported and funded by the interdepartmental REPIC platform (Renewable Energy, Energy and Resource Efficiency Promotion in Developing and Transition Countries) for development.

Based on our many years of experience with the Energiestadt process, we supported the introduction of the eea in Chile by adapting the Energiestadt/eea system to the Chilean environment, taking into account the respective communities’ specific needs. This work resulted in the development of the Chilean Comuna Energética (instead of the originally envisaged title “Ciudad Energética”) based on the Swiss Energiestadt model. The system was institutionalised and firmly anchored in Chilean energy policy by integrating it with the national EEL programme for local energy strategies.

We not only supported the three communities of Coyhaique, Temuco and Vitacura in implementing the eea, but also transferred expertise and experiences to train community members in putting the programme into practice. The twinning of the three pilot towns with Bern, a Swiss Gold Energiestadt, in the winter of 2015 consolidated the relationship with Switzerland, stimulated further exchange and reinforced the interest in the Energiestadt process.

The project had a duration of 2 years. It was supported by the Swiss embassy in Chile, several Chilean ministries and the Chilean municipal associations involved.

Our contribution:

  • Adaptation and implementation of the European Energy Award tools and processes to the Chilean context
  • Collaboration with and consultancy for the Chilean ministries involved
  • Conceptual development of the institutional structure and business model of the European Energy Award in Chile
  • Trial implementation in three pilot municipalities
  • Training of advisors in applying the European Energy Award


August 2014-August 2016


REPIC (Interdepartmental Platform of SDC, SECO and SFOE)

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