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ENCO accompanies the new alignment of the Climate Pact 2.0 Luxembourg

With the Climate Pact 2.0, Luxembourg accompanies its municipalities on their path to higher goals

Under the motto “on the path to higher goals”, the Climate Pact 2.0 was introduced in Luxembourg at the beginning of 2021 as further developed Climate Pact. The first version of the Climate Pact, based on the European Energy Award or the Energy City system, was launched in 2014. The second version of the Climate Pact has now been aligned with Luxembourg’s national climate targets for 2030 in addition – and aims to increase the efficiency of municipal energy policy, tracks quantitative indicators more closely and integrates new, climate-relevant topics such as sufficiency, resource efficiency and the circular economy.

With this in mind, the national energy agency MyEnergy developed the new Climate Pact Catalogue as well as a new assessment and implementation guidance based on the Swiss model in 2020, and tested it on three pilot municipalities with the involvement of ENCO AG. Through the new alignment of the Climate Pact 2.0 and the adapted assessment benchmarks, the potential for action of the municipalities as well as measures with a high degree of impact were brought more to the centre of attention. In this way, the Climate Pact provides municipalities with a solid basis for planning and implementing measures that are most promising and effective.

In a test audit with the three Luxembourg pilot municipalities of Beckerich, Sanem and Schifflange, ENCO checked the new assessment and implementation guidance of the Climate Pact 2.0 for its accurateness and its impact on different municipalities – with a very positive conclusion. We now wish the Luxembourg Climate Pact municipalities every success on their way to an even more efficient energy policy and their re-certification!

Tasks delivered by ENCO:

  • Initiation of the Climate Pact advisors of the pilot municipalities
  • Accompaniment of the pilot municipalities during the preparation for the test audit
  • Conducting the test audits with the three pilot municipalities and assessment of their performances
  • Evaluation of the new Assessment and Implementation Guidance and the impact of the Climate Pact 2.0 on the assessment results of the municipalities
  • Final report with recommendations


Oktober-Dezember 2020


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Maren Kornmann

Managing director, project leader, partner since 2016

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