Municipal energy consultancy

Energy City (Energiestadt)-consultancy

We accompany and support committed Energy Cities (Energiestädte, eea-municipalities) in their Energy City process


Swiss Energy Cities already pursue a consistent, verifiable energy and climate policy that is geared towards promoting energy efficiency and renewable energies. Accredited Energy City-consultants from ENCO guide committed municipalities to the Energy City/eea-certification.

The Energy City/Energiestadt Association offers a pragmatic energy management system and an energy policy assessment for cities and municipalities. All energy and climate-relevant activities are included in the process, from planning to municipal buildings, supply and disposal, mobility, procurement and further training through to communication. ENCO has many years of experience in energy city/Energiestadt-consulting and supports cities, municipalities and regions on their way to more climate protection, more energy efficiency and more renewable energies. We currently advise 14 cities and municipalities – including 5 Energy Cities Gold – and are familiar with the needs of small and those of large municipalities. In the Energy City process, we work with them to develop objectives, programmes of measures and implementation projects.

Our activities:

  • Inventory (including strengths/weaknesses analysis of the respective municipality)
  • Assessment according to the requirements of the Energy City Catalogue of Measures
  • Development of an energy policy activities programme
  • Definition of energy and climate policy objectives
  • Support with communication
  • Establishing indicators to demonstrate the effectiveness of measures
  • Support in project development for target achievement
  • Support with grant applications
  • Methodological support for participatory processes


1990 bis heute



Project Location

Northwestern Switzerland


Contact Person

Maren Kornmann
Managing director, project leader, partner since 2016
T. +41 61 965 99 00

Project team

Maren Kornmann

Managing director, project leader, partner since 2016

Reto Rigassi

Member of the board of management, project leader, partner since 2010

Laura Pfund

Project leader

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