Climate change adaptation

Series of workshops on climate change adaptation

Exchange of experience and knowledge transfer between cantons, cities and municipalities on climate change adaptation

Numerous cantons have developed strategies for adapting to climate change. Important partners of the cantons in the implementation of these strategies are the cities and municipalities, which for their part are already implementing concrete measures to manage the risks.

In numerous workshops held in 5 cantons on specific topics such as “heat in urban areas”, “climate-adapted urban drainage” and “green and open space management”, the cantons and their municipalities exchanged ideas, discussed measures, presented instruments and discussed optimal cooperation.

Our expertise:

  • Cross-thematic expertise in the field of climate change adaptation at municipal level
  • Precise knowledge of municipal structures and needs
  • Workshop design and methodology
  • Moderation

Further information on our activities and their impact can be found on the website of the federal network National Center for Climate Services NCCS.




Pilotprogramm Anpassung an den Klimawandel BAFU, Kantone

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Cantons UR, ZH, AG, SO, GE

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Laura Pfund
Project leader
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Laura Pfund

Project leader

Caroline Huwiler

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