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Smart City concepts

A sound starting point for your path to becoming a Smart City

Once the decision has been made to engage specifically with the Smart City programme, it is useful to first develop a Smart City concept to obtain a holistic view from a municipal perspective: The sometimes complex interrelations between the various areas for action, the diverse points of view and possibly also concerns of various stakeholder groups need to be identified and then reconciled as far and as effectively as possible.

A Smart City concept aims to achieve the following, among others:

  • To determine the strategic focus and core objectives
  • To define both a self-image and an understanding of the roles involved
  • To conduct a stakeholder analysis
  • To identify “smart” areas for action and potential “smart” activities
  • To clarify questions regarding the organisational environment
    To involve residents

Our competencies:

  • Development of customised Smart City concepts and strategies
  • Presentation of Smart City jumpstart workshops
  • Methodological support for participatory processes
  • Networking and information

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