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Smart City jumpstart workshops

A quick introduction to the world of Smart Cities and Municipalities: getting off to a good start (Kacheltext)

When cities and municipalities express an initial interest in engaging with the Smart City programme, they often lack fundamental knowledge and are therefore unsure about how (best) to approach the Smart Cities challenge.

This is where a “jumpstart” workshop can provide a very helpful introduction to the Smart City concept and familiarise a selected group of participants with its core aspects:

  • What types of Smart City approaches are there?
  • Why become “smart” in the first place?
  • What are the associated opportunities and risks?
  • What do others do?
  • Where to start?

A jumpstart workshop can additionally be the first step towards a customised Smart City concept.

Our competencies:

  • Presentation of Smart City jumpstart workshops
  • Development of customised Smart City concepts and strategies
  • Methodological support for participatory processes
  • Networking and information

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