Smart concepts and methods

Smart City Switzerland programme

ENCO AG manages the Smart City programme in Western Switzerland and promotes innovative solutions and strategies.

We coordinate the Smart City support scheme for Western Switzerland on behalf of the Federal Office for Energy and EnergieSchweiz for municipalities. The scheme not only provides information and networking opportunities, but also supports innovative solutions and strategies to contribute to sustainable urban development.

More and more cities and municipalities are looking for ways to actively involve residents, innovative service companies, start-ups and research institutions in the initial and ongoing development of cities and urban quarters. They also want to network various sectors efficiently through the active exchange of data and information. The goal of these efforts is to achieve a better quality of life and to use available resources sustainably. As part of the Smart City programme, we contribute to networking different players and sectors and promote the active exchange of information through the following activities:

  • 4–5 annual meetings of the Smart City Switzerland community of interest, including at least one in Western Switzerland
  • Networking among members of the community of interest to support specific projects
  • Publications, interviews, presentations and exchange of information via the Smart City website


Seit Januar 2020



Project Location

Western Switzerland


Contact Person

Caroline Huwiler
Project leader
T. +41 61 965 99 00

Project team

Caroline Huwiler

Project leader

Laura Pfund

Project leader

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