We guide associations working in the fields of climate protection and energy competently, transparently and efficiently

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We ensure that associations and federations make optimal use of their potential. 

The management of associations and federations working in the fields of climate protection and energy has been one of our core activities for over 20 years. As managers, we are responsible for the strategy and development of the organisations we work for.

We believe that transparency, cohesion, efficiency and clear decision-making processes form the pillars of good governance. These elements are also the core criteria for our mode of operation when managing associations and federations. We have been managing the executive offices of the Energiestadt trustee association and the Suisse Eole wind energy federation (in German-speaking Switzerland) in accordance with these principles. We have also successfully applied our competencies and experience to setting up various association and federation structures, among them the Smart City Hub (on behalf of the Swiss Federal Office for Energy) and the certification body for 2000-watt areas.

Apart from management and coordination services, we also provide certification management, member support, network maintenance and communication services as part of our core activities. Our interdisciplinary team embodies a broad range of diverse experiences across the full spectrum of competencies required for the successful management of associations and federations, from strategic management through to finance solutions and administration.


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Maren Kornmann

Managing director, project leader, partner since 2016

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