We identify relevant climate risks and develop effective measures for the public sector

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The consequences of climate change confront municipalities with major challenges

In recent years, climate change has become much more significant at the municipal level. Apart from effective climate protection, initiatives for adapting to the unavoidable consequences of climate change are becoming more and more important.

Increasing heat stress in residential areas, water management during periods of drought and increasingly frequent events of severe precipitation are serious concerns for specialist departments within municipal and cantonal governments, urging them to engage more closely with climate change risks. Cities and municipalities are major stakeholders in implementing cantonal and national strategies.

The potential scope for municipal action ranges from integrating relevant criteria into spatial planning tools to the climate-appropriate management of green spaces, the diversification of tourism products and awareness-raising initiatives among the general public and other stakeholders. We understand adaptation to climate change to be a cross-sectoral task in which networking among various sectors and stakeholders is key. We provide support in the analysis of useful measures and their integration into existing structures and tools.

Our services regarding climate change adaptation include:

  • Development of climate change adaptation plans and strategies
  • Support in planning measures that are aligned with local circumstances
  • Communication activities and moderation

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