We support municipalities as they venture into the world of Smart Cities and Communities

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Smart City – sustainable urban development for greater resource efficiency and a better quality of life

The future presents municipalities with a wide range of challenges. Increasing urbanisation and progressive climate change demand innovative approaches and forward planning to ensure that cities will remain liveable spaces in the 21st century. It is essential that we prepare for these challenges as well as we can and that we recognise and utilise any opportunities early as they arise.

Many cities and even smaller towns are using so-called “smart” approaches to do just this. There are many different paths towards becoming a Smart City or municipality, depending on individual, local circumstances. It is always important, though, to approach relevant issues from an interdisciplinary rather than an insular perspective. Energy, the environment and mobility, for example, are almost inextricably interconnected. The early, comprehensive involvement of relevant players is decisive for the success of the process: Typical tools include participatory methods for involving residents, co-creation and real-world laboratories for exploring experimental approaches in real-life environments.

If narrow, non-integrated solutions are to be avoided, it is important to have an overarching strategy that usefully draws together various stakeholders’ needs and works to meet them in a targeted manner. This is where cities and municipalities come into play.

Our services regarding smart concepts and methods include:

  • Smart City jumpstart workshops
  • Customised Smart City concepts and strategies
  • Methodological support for participatory processes
  • Networking, information, preparation and dissemination of “smart” initiatives as part of the Smart City Switzerland programme run by the Swiss Federal Office for Energy – Western Switzerland Division

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