Association management

Executive Office of the Swiss Energy City (Energiestadt, eea) association

We have been managing the executive office of the Energy City Association (European Energy Award eea in Switzerland) with its 650 member municipalities for over 20 years.


A focus of our endeavours lies in the further development of the Energy City label. In this context, it is important that the requirements of the quality management system correspond to the current state of energy policy.

To this end, we monitor trends, innovations and standards that are relevant for implementation at local level. The close exchange with expert organisations and other associations, as well as with the federal government, cantons and municipalities, is of major importance.

The core tasks of the Energy City Association’s executive office include the management and support of various committees (board, labelling and accreditation commissions) and members. We also organise various events, such as general meetings and exchanges of experience, and carry out various communication activities. The office also ensures quality assurance on the part of Energy City consultants and auditors and provides for quality management of various products and tools.

ENCO has provided intensive support and assistance in the restructuring process of the Energy City Association in 2019/2020 and delivered technical and content expertise as well as the implementation of projects. In its role as executive management, ENCO represents the Energy City Association within the board of the European umbrella organisation “Association European Energy Award”.

Our expertise in management and secretarial services:

  • Strategy and further development of the Energy City label
  • Lobbying at cantonal, national and international level
  • Support for the Executive Board and various other committees
  • Member care and support, organisation of general meetings
  • Certification management
  • Finance (accounting, bookkeeping incl. financial statements and contracts) and reporting

Our expertise in technical development:

  • Support and further development of the Energy City Catalogue of Measures, Assessment/implementation and accounting tools
  • Database management
  • Quality assurance, monitoring and verification of consultants and auditors
  • Management of the certification of energy schools.


1996 - heute


Trägerverein Energiestadt

Project Location



Contact Person

Maren Kornmann
Managing director, project leader, partner since 2016
T. +41 61 965 99 00

Project team

Maren Kornmann

Managing director, project leader, partner since 2016

Barbara Schwickert

Mitglied der Geschäftsleitung, Projektleiterin, Partnerin seit 2022

Reto Rigassi

Member of the board of management, project leader, partner since 2010

Laura Pfund

Project leader

Yvonne Bopp

Project team member

Anita Kühner

Member of the board of management, commercial management, partner since 2012

Pia Fischer

Administrative employee

Nicole Brodbeck

Administrative employee

Nina Dausch

Project Manager

Janine Lengacher


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