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Cluster analysis of heating (City of Thun)

We supported the city of Thun in its participatory heat transformation process

Almost 40% of energy consumption is due to space heating and hot water. Approximately half of this is still generated using fossil fuels such as gas or oil. This means that the supply of comfort heating is responsible for almost half of CO2 emissions.The “heat transition” is therefore considered as one of the biggest challenges in climate protection.

If climate neutrality has to be achieved by 2050, as stipulated in the Swiss Energy Strategy, all fossil-fuelled heating systems must be replaced by renewable ones by then at the latest and the demand for space heating reduced by around 30%.

In order to accelerate the heat transformation, urban areas in the city of Thun were categorised into clusters with similar conditions and challenges (e.g. old town, buildings in the district heating expansion perimeter, ownership structure, etc.) with the support by ENCO, based on various data sources. Together with building owners and other stakeholders from business and administration, cluster-specific options were defined to facilitate the switch to renewable heating systems and efficiency measures.

Our services were:

  • Analysing the municipal foundations and defining suitable clusters
  • Coordination and cooperation with energy suppliers
  • Conception of participatory formats
  • Support and moderation of the participation processes
  • Development of municipal support services to remove barriers

The city of Thun received funding from the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE) in the “Frontrunner” programme to implement this project.


Stadt Thun

Project Location

City of Thun


Contact Person

Laura Pfund
Project leader
T. +41 61 965 99 00

Project team

Laura Pfund

Project leader

Reto Rigassi

Member of the board of management, project leader, partner since 2010

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