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Tender for public electric charging stations

With the construction of 20 charging stations, six Birsstadt municipalities are giving the start signal for the expansion of e-mobility.

With the Birsstadt energy region, the six municipalities of Aesch, Arlesheim, Dornach, Muttenz, Pfeffingen and Reinach have joined forces to coordinate their activities in the energy sector, to pool expertise and create synergies. Based on an electromobility concept, 20 locations for charging stations were defined.

As part of this contract, we prepared tender documents for the installation, operation and maintenance of 20 charging stations. The coordinated tendering process also enables the municipalities to provide a full-coverage charging infrastructure. The legal basis was defined in the tender documents and the requirements and their weighting in the evaluation were specified.

In this process, it was crucial to identify the needs of the municipalities and take local circumstances into account and to integrate both into the documents. As an Energy Region, the aspect of sustainability was particularly decisive for the six municipalities. Following a successful tender, the bids received were analysed and a recommendation was made to the municipal council. The charging stations have meanwhile been put into operation.




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